2016.08.05 fluke
fluke : n. (informal) a lucky or unusual thing that happens by accident, not because of planning or skill
2016.08.05 duplicity
duplicity : n. (formal) dishonest behaviour that is intended to make sb believe sth which is not true
2016.08.05 treason
treason : the crime of doing sth that could cause danger to your country, such as helping its enemies during a war
2016.04.17 robber
robber : a person who steals from a person or place, especially using violence or threats

burglar : a person who enters a building illegally in order to steal

isolation : the act of separating sb/sth ; the state of being separate

overwhelm : to have such a strong emotional effect on sb that it is difficult for them to resist or know how to react

controversial : causing a lot of angry public discussion and disagreement
2016.04.17 audacious
audacious : willing to take risks or to do sth shocking

scratch : to rub your skin with your nails, usually because it is ITCHING

understatement : a statement that makes sth seems less important, impressive, serious, etc. than it really is

expose : to show sth that is usually hidden
to tell the true facts about a person or a situation, and show them / it to be immoral, illegal, etc.

grate : a metal frame for holding the wood or coal in a FIREPLACE
I appreciate the thought.

It's not much, but maybe you can use it to pay the taxi fare.
No, I couldn't. I appreciate the thought.
そんな、悪いですから・・・。 お気持ちだけいただいておきます。
I guess I'll take you up on that.

I can give you a ride to the station if you'd like.
Oh, really? I guess I'll take you up on that.
そうですか。 ではお言葉に甘えて。
I don't mind if I do.

Go ahead. You might not like it.
おひとつどうぞ。 お口に合いますかどうか。
I don't mind if I do.
No need for formalities.

I'm sorry for barging in. We certainly didn't expect lunch.
No need for formalities. There's still more.
さあさ、遠慮なさらずに。 おかわりもありますよ。
2015.03.26 Can you tell?
Can you tell?

Hey, haven't you lost some weight?
Can you tell? Actually, I've been on a diet. I'm determined to wear a bikini this summer!
わかる? 実はダイエットしてるのよ。 今年の夏はビキニを着るわ!