2008.11.27 Kamogawa
Kamogawa 鴨川 Kyoto 2008/10/28

Kamogawa...where Kyoto goes to relax.


Kyoto, city of waterways. The river that flows through the city from north to south is called the Kamogawa. For Kyoto denizens, it provides a refreshing haven for strolling and enjoying the cool of the evening. It's a popular date spot. As couples sit down on its banks, they always seem to space themselves at equal intervals, and as it gets darker they always seems to draw nearer to each other. That's exactly what makes the Kamogawa such a famous romantic locale.


2008.11.27 Zazen
Experience Zazen Kyoto 2008/10/29

Zazen: meditation for self-knowledge.


Zazen is a central practice of Zen Buddhism, a way to achieve tranquility of mind. The goal is to gain fresh perspective on yourself and focus your thoughts in a certain way. Sitting still, breathing through your nose, and taking repeated deep breaths creates the sensation of purifying the mind. Various temples offer the opportunity to try zazen.

仏教の禅宗における中心的な修行で、自分の心を落ち着かせる方法です。自分自身を見つめ直したり、様々な課題に対する自分なりの考えをまとめたりするために行います。安定して座り、鼻で息を吸い、腹式呼吸を繰り返していると、心が清められているような気分に。座禅体験ができるお寺もあるので、 一度体験してみては?

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2008.11.27 Saba-zushi
Saba-zushi Kyoto 2008/10/29


Salted mackerel, soaked in vinegar and used to top sushi rice. Because Kyoto is far from the sea, fresh fish was hard to come by in the old days. So mackerel caught in the Sea of Japan was processed in this way to keep it from spoiling during the trip to Kyoto.




Saiku-zushi is the art of shaping sushi into decorative forms that evoke seasonal themes, such as flowers. It probably began as a custom at weddings: such sushi may have been used as a feature of gifts handed to guests.



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