A:That hotel has a nice restaurant. Let's eat there.

B:It's kind of pricey for me.

A:Come on. It's only $50. That's peanuts.

B:Maybe for you.

2010.04.07 threads (服)
A:I need to go shopping.
B:What do you want to get?
A:Some new threads.
B:You already have tons of clothes.
A:Can we stop the car somewhere? I need to go to the bathroom.

B:Number one or number two? 小?それとも大?

A:Number one. 小さいほうだよ。

B:There's a rest area up ahead. この先に、休憩所があるわ。
A:You have a call. 電話よ。

B:Who is it? 誰から?

A:It's your ex. She sounds angry. あなたの元カノからよ。怒ってるみたい。

B:Just tell her I'm not here. いないって言ってよ。
2010.04.07 hot water (苦境)
A:You look worried. 何か心配事でもあるの?

B:Iam. I'm in hot water. うん。ちょっと困ったことになって。

A:What happened? 何があったの?

B:The boss found out that I really wasn't sick the other day.
A:Where's George? ジョージはどこ?

B:He stepped out for just a minute. ちょっと席を外しています。

A:This is an important meeting. 大事な打ち合わせなのに。

B:He's in the john. トイレですよ。
A:Ah... あ...。

B:What is it? 何?

A:XYZ. 社会の窓が。

B:Oh, how embarrassing! おっと。恥ずかしい!
2010.04.07 dough (お金)
A:Let's go to a movie. 映画に行こうよ。

B:I'm sorry, but not tonight. ごめん、今夜はムリ。

A:Why not? Do you have to work? なんで? 仕事?

B:No, I'm out of dough. 違うの。金欠なのよ。
A:Hasn't Mary put on weight? A:メアリーって、太ったんじゃない?
B:Well, she has a bun in the oven. B:実は、できちゃったのよ。
A:Are you serious? A:まじで?
B:Yeah. Her best friend told me that. B:ええ。彼女の親友が教えてくれたの。
2008.12.29 stud
stud =sexy guy

A: Who's that stud? あのいい男は誰?

B: That's George. Everyone's after him. ジョージよ。みんな彼をねらってるわ。