2012.12.02 huge

1.There is a huge difference between them.

2.Building that hotel took an enormous amount of time and money.

3.There are numerous possibilities in the IT industry.

4.The choice of jobs is limited.

5.People in the Kansai region put round rice cakes in zoni.

6.I'm afraid that that tablecloth only comes in a aquare shape.

7.This rectangular table seats eight people.

8.Can you see that triangular road sign?

9.I'll take five each of the star-shaped and heart-shaped chocolates.
2010.08.01 16.Raspberry
He got a raspberry after his making such a poor speech.
to get(give,hand) a (the) raspberry : (やや古い表現)人に非難される(する)。
flip[blow]one's raspberry : kっとなる(become angry)

Law of Raspberry Jam; The wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets.

to be a brown as a berry こんがりと日焼けする
"Miyuki is as brown as berries after three weeks at the seaside in Florida."

2010.08.01 12.Pear
Many American become pear-shaped after thirties.

become(get,go) pear-shaped : 体型が洋梨型になる
a pear-shaped graph : 洋梨型のグラフ
pears : (豪俗)おっぱい
to ask pears of an elm tree : こしの木に梨を求める(ないものねだり)

He was fired for just one small mistake.
I think he got the rough end of the pineapple.
The rough end of a (the) pineapple : (豪俗)不利な立場、不当な扱いを受けている状態、貧乏くじ、最悪の取り引き

Kazumi, you did a plum job! I'm very proud of you.
aplum job : すばらしい仕事
have a plum in one's mouth = a plumy voice (英) : 上流社会風の話し方をする
like a ripe plum : やすやすと、簡単に

In business writing, the key is to prune.
prune : 余分なものを取り除く(away,down) (of)
"Prune your essay of superflous matters."
full of prunes : ばかげたこと
"You're full of prunes."
prunes and prisms : 気取った言葉遣い、上品ぶった態度
2010.07.31 11.Peach
Ayako's a real peach.

a peach of a girl : 素敵な女の子、美少女
as sweet as a peach : 桃のように甘い

"Tumi Adachi seems to be as sweet as a peach."
canned peaches 缶詰の桃
a mellow peach 水分の多い桃
"The skin of peaches bruises easily."
peach-Melba (料理)ピーチメルバ(桃とアイスクリームのデザート
a peach dress ピンクの服
a peach of a hat 素敵な帽子
a peach of a homer 見事なホームラン
peach (動詞)密告する、裏切る、
2010.07.31 10.Orange
He doesn't know the difference between apples and oranges.

apples and oranges : お互いにまったく異なる人(物)、水と油
to squeeze the orange until the pips squeak : 種子がキーキー鳴るまでオレンジを搾る→疲労困憊するまで質問攻めにして情報を引き出す
a sucked orange : 使われる抱く使われたあげくもはや必要とされていない人
"After giving almost all his earnings to Kate, Jimmy was discarded by her like a sucked orange."
2010.07.30 9.Melon
Let's cut a melon after the game.

cut(up)(carve,split) a melon : 利益を分配する、戦利品を山分けする、問題を解決する
melon cutting : 多額の特別配当金の分配

melons : (俗)女性の胸、おっぱい
"She's got great melons."
melon fruit : パパイヤ(papaya)
melon-head : (米俗)ばか
2010.07.30 8.Lemon
Don't buy such a lemon.

The answer isa lemon. :残念な(ひどい)結果だ、(そんな愚問に対して)返事は不要
"What is his reaction?"
"The answer is a lemon."

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
"Even since she lost her job, she has been exercising and studying English. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

2010.07.29 7.Grape
It's a case of sour grapes.

sour grapes : 負け惜しみ

"The grapes are sour."
"I'm sure those grapes are sour anyhow."
"Never mind what he's saying. That's just sour grapes."
"He always cries sour grapes."

through the grapevine : 人づてに、うわさ話で=on the grapevine
"I heard through the grapevine that John's secretary is getting fired."
"I hear by the grapevine that Miyuki is moving to New York."
"I heard about the traffic accident through the neighborhood grapevine."

a cluster (bunch) of grapes : 一房のぶどう
a grape on the business : 興ざめな人、邪魔になる(歓迎されない)人
go grape picking : ぶどう狩りに行く
grape shot : ブドウ弾(たくさんの鉄球をブドウ状につないだ昔の大砲の弾丸)
2010.07.29 6.Gooseberry
I'm not playing gooseberry to you two.

play gooseberry : 恋仲の男女のじゃまをする
play old gooseberry with someone : ~を台なしにする、(人)をひどい目にあわせる

I found him (her) under a gooseberry bush.

黒フサスグリ→(仏)カシスのこと。=酸塊 スグリ

Chinese gooseberry : キーウィフルーツ(kiwi fruit)。
2010.07.28 5.Fruit
Your efforts will certainly bear fruit.

bear fruit = to have a successful outcome : 実を結ぶ、成果をもたらす
fruit : 報い(reward)や成果(result)
"One of the downsides of our success over the years is that the "low-hanging fruit" is gone."

fruit wine (ぶどう酒以外の)果実酒
a fruit farm(orchard) : 果樹園
forbidden fruit : 禁断の木の実
fruitarian : 果物主義者
fruiter : 果物運搬船、果樹栽培者
fruitful : 有益な、収穫の多い a fruitful meeting 実りの多い会議
fruit medley : フルーツの盛り合わせ
"Michiko served a fruit medley for dessert."
fruit wagon : (米俗)救急車
pluck of fruit : 果物をもぎとる
The fruits of the earth (nature) : 大地(自然)の恵み

A tree is known by its fruit.
Late fruits keep well.
Either make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad.-Bible:Matthew Chapter 12
The ripest fruit falls first.