a burdock (root) ごぼう
Gobo is regarded as a healthy food because it contains a lot of fibre.

seaweed 海藻
Sashimi is often served with tsuma, a garnish of seaweed and thin strips of daikon.

shiitake mushrooms しいたけ
Matsutake mushrooms are a very expensive autumn delicacy, often used in kaiseki haute cuisine.

soy-milk skin ゆば
Yuba was introduced from China to Japan by Zen monks as an ingredient for shojin ryori.

bean curd 豆腐
Yudofu is simmered cubes of tofu eaten with a sour soy sauce.

fermented soybeans 納豆
Natto is eaten mixed with minced green onions, soy sauce and mustard.

seafood prepared alive 活き造り
Restaurants serving ikizukuri often have a fish tank to keep live fish.

deep-fried food in batter 天ぷら
Tempura is eaten either with salt or after being dipped in a soy sauce-based sauce.

miso soup みそ汁
In making miso soup, miso is added last after turning off the heat.

skewered grilled chicken 焼き鳥
Some yakitori names are derived from English. For example, gatsu comes from 'guts'.
2011.04.13 Food and Drink
an ingredient 食材
Tofu and hakusai are common ingredients of nabe.

a squid / a cuttlefish イカ
Ika-no-shiokara is a dish of fermented squid slices pickled with the entrails and salt.

salmon roe イクラ
Ikura is a popular topping for gunkan-maki, pieces of sushi wrapped with a strip of nori.

herring roe 数の子
Kazunoko is an auspicious food, symbolizing a wish to be blessed with children.

cod roe 明太子
Spicy cod roe called karashi-mentaiko is a speciality of Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture.

an eel ウナギ
Unagi-no-kabayaki is popular as a nutritious summer dish.

a Pacific saury サンマ
Sanma-no-shioyaki is a sanma sprinkled with salt and grilled whole.

an octopus タコ
Sudako is boiled pieces of octopus marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and sugar.

fatty tuna マグロのトロ
Toro is one of the most expensive toppings at a sushi restaurant.

a blowfish ふぐ
Because fugu flesh is very chewy, it is served in very thin slices.
2011.04.13 soy sauce
soy sauce 醤油
Many Japanese dishes are seasoned with soy sauce.

fermented soybean paste みそ
There are many different kinds of miso depending on the region.

Japanese horseradish わさび
Wasabi is used as a condiment for sashimi and sushi.

grated daikon radish 大根おろし
Grated daikon radish goes very well with grilled fish.

soup stock だし
Japanese soup stock is often made with dried konbu seaweed and dried bonito.

dried bonito flakes 削り節
Kezuri-bushi is often sprinkled over tofu as a topping.

vinegar 酢
Sumiso is a kind of dip made by mixing miso, vinegar and sugar.

a condiment 薬味
Yakumi include toppings such as wasabi and ginger.

a seven-spice chilli powder mix 七味
Shichimi is often used as a condiment for soba and udon noodles.

a dipping sauce たれ・つゆ
After eating cold soba, the dipping sauce is mixed with soba-yu and drunk.