2016.04.18 junkie
I guess I'm a news junkie, I check the latest news stories online every couple of hours.
数時間ごとにネットで最新のニュースを探しています。 ニュース中毒のようですね。

I still like to pick up a newspaper to read over lunch. I generally prefer broadsheets to tabloids, as they have more in-depth comments.
ランチの間に新聞を読みます。 大衆紙よりも、コメントに奥行きのある高級紙が好みです。

I don't like this aggressive confrontation interviewing style they use on some cable news channels.
2016.04.18 blow away
I was blown away when I heard Facebook's stock valuation.
Facebook の株式評価を聞いて、とても感心しました。

We were staggered to hear that Russia invaded the Ukraine.

What do I think about the immigration argument in the States? Well, I know that it is a hot topic especially this year.
What are your views on it?
米国の移民問題? 今年はその話題でもちきりですね。 あなたのご意見はいかがですか?

To be honest I have no strong opinions about gun control, I know it is a real hot potato in America.

I don't know much about politics in Hong Kong. I read that the election of the new chief executive in Hong Kong is a major bone of contention.

cauldron : 大釜、聖火台

The lighting of the cauldron by the final torch bearer marks the start of an Olympics.
senile dementia : 加齢による認知症

The Supreme Court overturned lower court decisions that had ordered the family of a man with senile dementia to pay damages.
lay (one's) hands on : ~を手に入れる、捕まえる、~に襲いかかる、~を傷つける

"I can swear that I never laid my hands on them,"Imai said.
pay through the nose : 法外な金額を払う、ぼったくられる

You might have to pay through the nose for these luxurious tissues.
2016.02.06 regulation
The new EU trade regulations are really the talk of the town among our competitions over there.

tialI hate to be the bearer of bad news...

I'm afraid it's a bit of a downer but...

Do you hear the latest about the plane crash in France?

I just heard some breaking news about the Presidential elections in the States.

I heard that the decision about the next World Cup city is just out.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the news about the catastrophe in India.

wining and dining : 飲食接待
The magazine reported that a construction company paid cash and provided lavish wining and dining to Amari and members of his office.
drive a wedge : くさびを打ち込む
Abe's comment may have been an attempt to drive a wedge between opposition parties.
abandonment of a body 死体遺棄

abdominal obesity 腹の肥満

abeyance 中断、停止

abduction 拉致、誘拐

abductee 拉致被害者、誘拐された人

abolish (制度などを)廃止する

abortion 妊娠中絶

absentee ballots 不在者投票

absolute majority 絶対安定多数