2012.09.30 lock one's ankles
lock one's ankles 足首のところで両足をかたく組む(足の組み方の一種で、緊張・不安のにじみ出たすわり方)
Stewardesses tell us that they can spot an apprehensive traveler because he sits with locked ankles (particularly during takeoffs).

swing one's ankle (足を組んですわり)上になったほうの足先を前後にぶらぶらさせる
She smiled at him and swung one slim ankle provocatively. "Poor old Archie - you've having a rough time."
cross one's ankle on one's knee 一方の足首を他方の膝にのせる(男性の坐姿)
He sat back in the taxi, crossed an ankle on his knee, reached into his breast pocket for his cigarettes, and withdrew his case and his lighter.

kick someone on the ankle 人の足首あたりを軽く蹴る(人の行動を他の人に気づかれないように規制したり、たしなめたりする行為)
"You dropped a brick," he told her, quite shortly. "I'm afraid I ought to have kicked you on the ankle."
2012.09.30 cross one's ankles
cross one's ankles 足首を交差させる;足首のところで足を組む
Of all the sights to emerge from the National Women's Conference, perhaps none was more compelling than the panoply of three First Ladies of the U.S., all precisely coiffed, dressed with impeccable conservatism, ankles neatly crossed, sitting side by side at the opening session in the Sam Houston Coliseum to promote the Equal Rights Amendment.

The young ladies of these families were expected to behave themselves, to be decorative and charming. One was taught to sit without letting one's back touch the chair, to cross one's ankles, but not one's legs.
2012.09.30 ankles
She was in truth putting on weight a little, he noticed; but her ankles were as good as ever.

Standing above him, she seemed taller than he remembered, tall and narrow, almost fragile, with narrow bony shoulders, and thin ankles that aroused the most intense feelings in him.

She had met dozens of young men and gentlemen and others who considered a girl's ankles, but Mr. Searle was the only one she had ever met who considered a girl's feet.