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1.Japan is in the eastern part of Asia. 日本はアジア大陸の東に位置します。

2.Japan's closest neighbors are Korea, China and Russia. 日本の隣国は韓国、中国、ロシアです。

Japan is an island nation. Japan consists of several thousand islands. 日本は島国で、何千もの小さな島から成っています。

3.The length of Japan is about 1,860 miles or 3,000 kilometers. 日本の長さは、約1,860マイル、または3,000キロです。

4.Since there are many volcanoes in Japan, there are also a lot of hot springs. 日本には火山がたくさんあるので、温泉もあります。

5.About 75% of the area of Japan is mountainous and covered by forests. 日本の国土の約75%が山と森林です。

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Our country is known as "Japan" among English speaking people ,but from ancient times, the Japanese people have called their country either Nihon or Nippon (different reading of the same Chinese character).For example, the Japanese call their language either Nihon-go(go meaning world or language) or Nippon-go and refer to themselves as Nihon-jin(jin meaning man or people) or Nippon-jin. Both ways are ccorrect, with the difference that when it is pronounced Nihon, it sound soft, and when it is Nippon, it sounds hard to the ears.

The name Japan is said to have originated from "Jipangu" by which the 13th century Venetian traveler Marco Polo introduced Japan after hearing the Chinese call Japan as Jinpun.

The national flag with a red circle on a white background, or the Rising Sun flag, was made because Nippon literally means the land from which the sun rises.