2016.02.01 buzz
I heard that all the buzz at last week's design exhibition was about using 3D printers.
2016.02.01 nowadays
I think the in thing in IT nowadays is Big Data.
The word on the street is that they will announce a big drop in sales this quarter.
2016.02.01 scuttlebutt
The scuttlebutt had it that Dave really wanted the top position but his boss killed the promotion.
2016.02.01 grapevine
I heard through the grapevine that the CEO was leaving, but didn't know it was official.
2016.01.31 to be honest
To be honest I'm not really au fait with that news story. What do you think about it?
正直に言って、そのニュースについてはよく知りません。 どうお考えですか?
2016.01.31 honestly speaking
Honestly speaking, I don't know so much about the latest events in the Middle East, could you give me the low-down on it?
率直に言って、中東の最新情勢についてはとく知りません。 内情を伺えますか?
2016.01.31 clued up
I'm really not clued up on the business situation in South America. Could you tell me your views?
南米のビジネス状況についてはよく知りません。 ご見解を伺えますか?
2016.01.31 Amazon
Did you see that press conference by Amazon's Jeff Bezos?
2016.01.31 a feature story
I read a really interesting feature story about people chosing to live without any electricity in the mountains.